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SPOLSAN® - Ammonium sulphate (crystalline)

Industrial fertiliser, a crystalline substance that is white to whitish-grey, sometimes pinkish-grey, is created as a by-product of caprolactam production In recent years, particularly in connection with the desulphurisation of power plants, ammonium sulphate has become an increasingly important fertiliser with sulphur and ammoniacal nitrogen content. It is used for direct fertilisation or as a raw material in the production of mixed fertilisers containing sulphur.​

Quality symbol​ Unit Values Tested according to
Total (ammoniac​​al) nitrogen as N, min. % weight 20,6 SOP-A-169
Water-soluble sulphur as S, min. % weight 23,6 SOP-A-169
Humidity, max. % weight 0,8 SOP-A-169
Free sulphuric acid, max. % weight 0,1 SOP-A-169
Fall-through ratio under 0.20 mm sieve, max. % weight 10,0 SOP-A-169
Presence of the hydrophobisation mixture satisfactory SOP-A-169


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