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1905 Gustav Šebor buys the complex and processes cleaning gas materials and ammonia water solutions at his chemical enterprise until 1914.
1917 Austrian company GEC (Grosseinkaufsgessellschaft österreichischer Konsumverreine) begins making jam, coffee substitutes, sweets, and chocolate, followed later by mustard, soup seasonings, canned fish, and vinegar.
1939 The company is purchased by Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu (Association of Chemical and Metallurgical Production), and work begins on the construction of a chemical production complex.
1947 Spolek pro chemicko​​u a hutní výrobu launches the manufacture of viscose rayon staple. Under the occupation, the company announces a competition for a trade mark for the product. The name was to have shown affiliation to Spolek, but is later taken as the name of the company as a whole.
1950 The plant in Neratovice becomes a separate enterprise - Spolana National Enterprise, Neratovice Production at Spolana is gradually broadened to include an electrolysis plant to produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide, and other facilities are built for the production of bone glue, fat, cellophane, and hydrochloric acid. 
1968 Trial operation for the manufacture of caprolactam gets underway.
1975 The first tons of PVC powder are manufactured.
1977 Spolana begins making granulated PVC. 
1992 - 2003 Spolana runs production units for linear alpha olefins. Production comes to an end on account of low efficiency.
2001 - 2006 The company is part of the Unipetrol Group holding, part of the Polish concern PKN Orlen from May 2005.
2006 - 2016 Spolana is a part of the Polish company Zakłady Azotowe ANWIL SA (the company changing its trade name to ANWIL Spółka Akcyjna on 15 January 2010), which is also part of the PKN Orlen concern.
2016 UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o., signs a contract of purchase with ANWIL S.A., as a result acquiring a 100-% stake in SPOLANA s.r.o.
2018 SPOLANA undergoes transformation of legal form, from the original joint stock company (akciová společnosti) to limited liability company (společnost s ručením omezeným).