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By people here, we mean our employees.

We make continual efforts to make sure that employees at the Unipetrol Group act in an ethical, transparent and legal way in line with the laws in force and the values in place at the company at all times. All of our business activity is based on tried-and-trusted procedures of company management and governance and we place great emphasis on safety and environmental protection, the aim being to ensure sustainable growth for all of our shareholders. Our key values and basic principles are as follows:



We value our customers, shareholders, and employees, the people around us, and the environment.



We are able to offer up new solutions thanks to our motivated and qualified employees.



Added value can be created thanks to people and their abilities, knowledge, determination, and openness.



Our energy is the key to innovation and success.



We produce quality products and provide reliable services.

We want our employees to take part in decision-making about matters to concern corporate responsibility, and we regularly ask for their opinions so as to be able to improve our working environment.

We support volunteer activity. We have in the past encouraged our employees to involve themselves in volunteer programmes. To begin with we chose the projects ourselves and had to think how to motivate people to take part. Stable support for volunteer activities among our employees (paid leave and financial contributions to the execution of a project) resulted in a considerable increase in our employees’ involvement in programmes of wider social benefit. We therefore increased the budget for volunteer work for the year 2020 - our employees are now able to choose any activity of wider social benefit and get money for it. We are certain that this sort of opportunity will support their connection with the community.

Our company contributes toward the well-being of communities by cooperating closely with them in managing the social consequences of its business activities and responds without delay to any doubts to concern our activity, which enables us to be even more beneficial.

Support for local communities helps the people that live there, including our own employees of course, and local authorities, which frequently suffer from a lack of finance. We are delighted to be able to help change towns for the better.​​​​​