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Company complex and premises to let

Commercial zone

The commercial zone, covering an area of around 73.5 hectares, encompasses an area that is ideal for outside businesses that are engaged in chemical production similar to that of Spolana, or production that follows on from Spolana’s own. There is also an area that is suited to machine production and storage in existing warehouse space, or in open space. A brownfield site is also available for new construction.

Chemical park

The chemical park covers around 79.4 hectares and encompasses chemical production plants and areas for its expected development in the future. The chemical park is fenced off from the commercial zone.

We offer available spare to let in the SPOLANA s.r.o. commercial zone, which is physically separated from the chemical park, home to the company’s existing chemical production plants. The commercial zone is spread over the southern and western parts of the complex and takes in non-production, warehouse, workshop, and office buildings. See map​ below.


List of buildings to let
Map of the Spolana complex - premises to let are marked​
​Companies active within the Spolana complex

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