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The services provided by SPOLANA s.r.o. within its complex:

  • The letting and management of property
  • Vehicle weighing, customs and forwarding services
  • IT services
  • Telecommunication services
  • Fire-fighting services, taking and measuring samples of liquids, soil, and air
  • laboratory, analytical services (quality control)
  • Diagnostics, nondestructive testing
  • The hire of a classroom and teaching technology


  • Water supplies, waste-water treatment, the liquidation of liquid waste
  • Supplies of energy, auxiliary media, Spolana products and intermediate products

Consultation and advice

  • Package of measures, technical documentation
  • Environment, waste management

Services offered to other companies within the complex:

  • Guard service
  • Rail transport
  • Road freight transport
  • The maintenance of equipment and real estate
  • Cleaning services
  • The maintenance of greenery, clearing, the upkeep of the complex during winter
  • Meals
  • The liquidation of solid and liquid chemical substances