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Services offered within Spolana s.r.o. industrial area.

Considering the potential activities of new legal entities based on the premises of Spolana s.r.o., following services can be offered either directly from resources of Spolana s.r.o. or effectively arranged.  

Services overview:

Services offered by subdivisions of SPOLANA s.r.o.:

  • property rental and management
  • vehicle weighing, customs and dispatch services
  • IT services
  • transmission services (postal, telecommunication)
  • fire fighting services, sampling and analysis of liquids, soil and air
  • laboratory and analytical services (quality control)
  • diagnostics and nondestructive testing
  • classroom and educational equipment rental  


  • Water supply, wastewater treatment, liquid waste removal
  • Supply of energy, supporting media, products and intermediate products of Spolana  

Consultant services

  • Engineering projects, technical documentation
  • Natural enviroment, waste management
​Services offered by other subjects based in Spolana industrial area
  • Security guards
  • railway transport
  • road freight transport
  • facility and property management
  • cleaning service
  • vegetation maintenance, cleaning, maintenance of premises during winter
  • catering
  • disposal of both liquid and solid chemicals

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