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Purchasing and Suppliers
Information for suppliers
Dear Business Partners, dear Suppliers,
we would like to inform you that the purchase of services and materials within the Unipetrol Group is secured by the Procurement Section of Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o.
Our aim is to streamline the purchase process and to ensure the highest quality of supplied goods and services. The basic precondition is primarily the selection and cooperation with reliable, competitive and vetted suppliers.
We select our suppliers while strictly observing the principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination. As for the impact on the energy consumption, the energy intensity of supplies is also assessed in selected areas (e.g. investment projects) of the purchasing process.  
Tenders take place through the purchase platform Connect where you can find more information about the ongoing purchasing processes in the Unipetrol Group as well as other companies of the Orlen Capital Group.
The purchase platform Connect is the only tool for announcing tenders and calls, the place for presenting offers and a source of information in terms of procurement processes within the Unipetrol Group.
By logging into the system, you quickly get systematic and clear information about the purchasing processes within the Orlen Capital Group and Unipetrol Group.
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Important documents:
General Terms and Conditions:

GBTC_Spolana_Procurement_Supply of Goods and Spare parts_since-2020-10-01.pdfGBTC_Spolana_Procurement_Supply of Goods and Spare parts_since-2020-10-01.pdf

GBTC_Spolana_Procurement_Supply of Spare Parts_since-2020-10-01.pdfGBTC_Spolana_Procurement_Supply of Spare Parts_since-2020-10-01.pdf

GBTC_Spolana_Contract for work_since-2020-10-01.pdfGBTC_Spolana_Contract for work_since-2020-10-01.pdf

GBTC_Spolana_Purchase contract - Procurement_since-2020-10-01.pdfGBTC_Spolana_Purchase contract - Procurement_since-2020-10-01.pdf