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SPOLSAN® G - Ammonium sulphate (granulated)

Granulated industrial fertiliser is created during caprolactam production and containing nitrogen in ammonium form and sulphur in the form of sulphuric anhydride. It also contains a small amount of ammonium nitrate, the concentration of which does not exceed 1.5 %. It is used for direct fertilisation.

Quality symbol Unit Values Tested according to
Total (ammoniacal) nitrogen as N, min. % of weight 20,6 SOP-A-169
Water-soluble sulphur as ​​S, min. % weight 23,6 SOP-A-169
Humidity, max. % weight 0,8 SOP-A-169
Free sulphuric acid, max. % weight 0,1 SOP-A-169
Fraction 2 – 5 mm, min. % weight 90 SOP-A-171
Presence of the hydrophobisation mixture satisfactory SOP-A-169

SPOLSAN® G complies with the requirements of Decree No. 474/2000 Sb.:

Quality symbol Unit Values Tested according to
Cadmium (Cd), max. mg/kg 1 SO​​P-A-170
Lead (Pb), max. mg/kg 10 SOP-A-170
Chromium (Cr), max. mg/kg 50 SOP-A-170
Mercury (Hg), max. mg/kg 1,0 SOP-A-170
Arsenic (As), max. mg/kg 20 SOP-A-170


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