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PVC Neralit

Neralit polyvinyl chloride is produced by suspension polymerisation of vinyl chloride in an aqueous medium in the presence of catalysts and suspension stabilisers. The resulting produ​ct is a fine, white, easily-pourable powder made up of grains with narrow particle size distribution. The properties of suspension Neralit PVC powder depend on the additives used during polymerisation, on the temperature regime of polymerisation, on the method and intensity of mixing the suspension, and on a number of other factors at work during production. Suspension Neralit PVC is shipped in powder form to processors, who modify it for processing by adding the necessary additives to their own mixing or granulating equipment. Individual types of Neralit are suitable for the production of a wide range of products - from hard profiles, boards, tubes and foils; through electrical insulating and drainage pipes, various technical parts and packaging; on to hoses, profiles, foils, footwear materials, and cable insulation Neralit is produced in four different versions with the numerical designations 581, 601, 652, and 682.