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Granulated (flake) technical caprolactam

Granulated (flake) caprolactam is a white, crystalline substance, highly hygroscopic, with a characteristic odour. It is the basic raw material for the production of polyamide 6, which is used thereafter in the textile or plastics industry. Polyamide fibres have a very broad range of uses in the production of nylon and polycaprolactam mesh (perlon). Its flexibility means that it is used primarily in the production of sports clothing and other sporting equipment - e.g. for water sports, winter sports, or mountaineering and mountain climbing. Caprolactam is readily biodegradable.​​

Quality symbol​ Unit Values Tested according to
Setting point, min. °C 69,0 SOP-A-166
Volatile bases, max.​ mekv/kg 0,4 SOP-A-165
Permanganate value (3% aqueous solution)*, min. s 12 000 SOP-A-165
Permanganate index (3% aqueous solution)*, min. 4,4 SOP-A-165
Colouring according to Hazen (50 % aqueous solution), max. HJ (APHA) 5 SOP-A-165
Ash, max. mg/kg 7 SOP-A-166
Iron, max. mg/kg 0,5 SOP-A-166
Water-insoluble substances, max. mg/kg 5 SOP-A-166
Alkalinity, max. mekv/kg 0,1 SOP-A-165
Acidity, max. mekv/kg 0,05 SOP-A-165
Water, max. % 0,1 SOP-A-102
Absorbance (50% aqueous solution, λ=290 nm, 10 mm tube), max. 0,05 SOP-A-121