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Annual charity collection by ORLEN Unipetrol Group employees yields record CZK 619,000


For the twelfth time, ORLEN Unipetrol Group employees have helped fulfil the wishes of people from non-profit organisations. In this year’s Fulfilled Wishes charity, they donated CZK 309,507 and raised the highest sum of money ever. Similarly to previous years, ORLEN Unipetrol matched the raised amount and will thus donate CZK 619,014 in total towards a good cause. The yield of the charity collection will go to seven non-profit organisations at six locations where the ORLEN Unipetrol Group is present. Over the years of organising the collection, people in need have received almost CZK 4.3 million from the company’s employees.

“This year, the employees donated a record amount, for which everyone deserves huge thanks. Together, we will hand over more than CZK 600,000 to non-profit organisations. I am delighted that our colleagues show solidarity even in these difficult times, and we are looking forward to the May volunteer days when we go out and help in most non-profit organisations,” summarises Katarzyna Woś, Vice-Chair of the ORLEN Unipetrol Group’s Board of Directors.

The Fulfilled Wishes employee charity collection took place from December 2022 to January 2023. Everyone could choose the organisation to which they wanted to donate. Thus, employees could choose an area close to them and target their help. Non-profit organisations with which the ORLEN Unipetrol Group collaborates greatly appreciate this assistance. For instance, they will use the donations to support the employment of the disabled, to provide medical and physiotherapy aids, to support the education of children from low-income families, or to buy a new vehicle to offer early-intervention field services.

For what purposes will the non-profit organisations use the donations?

  •  Borůvka Prague – The organisation will use the donation to support the employment of the disabled and to organise work training for people with little work experience or for people after an injury trying to return to the labour market.

  •  Children’s home in Kralupy nad Vltavou – The children’s home will use the funds for summer recreation activities.

  • Naděje Litvínov nursing home – The nursing home will use the money to provide medical and physiotherapy aids, renovate and modernise room equipment, and offer cultural events.

  • ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation – In collaboration with non-profit organisations, the foundation will use the contribution to support the education of children from low-income families.

  • Kociánka Brno – Calypso lift chairs will be purchased from the donation, with the help of which a single caregiver can easily transfer a resident. These lift chairs are indispensable helpers.

  • Pojďte dál Neratovice – The organisation will use the money for a sports training camp and improve working conditions for handicapped employees-athletes.

  • Středisko rané péče Pardubice – The organisation will use the donation to buy a new vehicle to offer early intervention to families directly in the field.

The ORLEN Unipetrol Group has been committed to social responsibility for a long time and sees it as one of its priorities in the plan for sustainable business. ORLEN Unipetrol approaches its activities ethically and responsibly and has therefore introduced international corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards. The main effort is the sustainable development of the Group and its relations with local communities in education, social issues and the environment.

The ORLEN Unipetrol Group is the largest refining and petrochemical company in the Czech Republic. It focuses on crude oil processing and the production, distribution and sale of vehicle fuels and petrochemical products – particularly plastics and fertilisers. It belongs among the key players on the Czech and Central European markets in all these areas. The ORLEN Unipetrol Group encompasses refineries and production plants in Litvínov and Kralupy nad Vltavou, Paramo in Pardubice, Spolana in Neratovice, REMAQ in Otrokovice, and two research centres in Litvínov and Brno. ORLEN Unipetrol also includes the Benzina ORLEN filling station network in the Czech Republic and a network of ORLEN outlets in Slovakia and Hungary. In 2005, ORLEN Unipetrol became a member of the ORLEN Group, the largest multi-energy company in Central Europe. ORLEN Unipetrol employs almost 6,000 people and is active in corporate social responsibility. It seeks to promote initiatives that cultivate and support sustainable development, education, local communities, and the environment.

Contact: Pavel Kaidl, spokesperson, telephone: +420 736 502 520, e-mail: pavel.kaidl@orlenunipetrol.cz

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