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The measurements of mercury immissions

Spolana carries out measurements of mercury immissions in the vicinity of the Spolana complex at four monitoring stations - in Neratovice, Libiš, Tišice, and Tuhaň - four times a year. Immission limits for mercury are set out by legislation, and the measured values are compared with the value of 50 ng/mrecommended by the public health authority. The values of the emissions measured at the Spolana monitoring stations are stably well beneath the recommended value.

An outside company, Technické služby ochrany ovzduší Praha a.s., carries out the measurements, and Spolana regularly sends reports from authorised measurements to the surrounding communities,the Regional Authority of the Central Bohemia Region, the Regional Public Health Authority for the Central Bohemia Region, and the Environmental Centre in Kralupy nad Vltavou. 

Protokol o autorizovaném měření imisí.pdf (Record of authorised measurement of immissions)​​